Management Committee

Our club’s movers and shakers!

Tim Hulse – Club Chairman

I was elected Chair of our Club in April 2015 and I’m responsible for overseeing our Club as a whole together with the Committee. My role is to help develop our Club in a progressive and positive manner with three broad aims; competitive, inclusive and camaraderie. Running wise my preference is now the longer distances and I have PB’s of 2:59 (Manchester Marathon in 2018) and 1:21 (Stafford Half Marathon in 2017). As Chair I’m motivated to achieve PB’s in all areas for our Club (see 3 aims above), and am happy to help members achieve individual PB’s. Feel free to talk to me anytime (on a run or in the bar after is ideal) about ideas and how we can continue to improve our Club.

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Amy Gamble – Club Captain

I’m a Mother, Wife, Accountant and Runner with a busy life and a passion for running.  I started running in 2004 and completed the Great North Run in the Autumn of that year and my first London Marathon in the Spring of 2005.  From that point on I was pretty much hooked and I have successfully reduced my marathon time from 4.05.41 in 2005 to 3.16.31 in 2010.  I still have aspirations to run quicker over the marathon, as well as every other distance from 5k onwards.

I am passionate about team events and you will find me encouraging all members to partake in them.  My comfort zone is road running but you’ll find me beating the cross country drum every winter. I am also a qualified run leader and am part of the small group of run leaders that we are fortunate to have as a club.

Please get in touch with me if you have any concerns, recommendations or ideas on how we can continue to develop our amazing running club.

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Anne Griffiths – Club Secretary and Welfare Officer

I have been a running leader since 2014 and I work closely with the Thursday evening beginners group.

Being a running leader means that I have been able to see many beginners join the Club (often slightly nervous and uncertain as to why they are there!) and progress into enthusiastic and competent runners. I joined SMM as a complete novice and the opportunity to run with dedicated, passionate runners inspired me to take on a running leader role so that I, too, could encourage others to join this wonderful little community.

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Lynda Cartwright – Treasurer

I began running about five years ago, starting with the Couch to 5K programme, “running” along the canal towpaths of Stone.   After a couple of years I took the plunge and came along to see what this running club was all about.  That was one of the best decisions I have made as without the constant support of so many different people I would probably have retired back to the Couch.  Instead, inspired by the achievements of others, both great and small,  I progressed to completing the London Marathon in 2017.

After being a member for three years I have now taken on the role of Treasurer and as such I have responsibility ofensuring the Club’s finances are in order, negotiating costs, paying bills, banking cheques, producing annual accounts and financial reports, and advising on spending strategies. I’m usually at the club on Thursdays and Sundays, easy to spot, I’ll be near the back.

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John Clemens – Head Coach and Vice Captain

I have been running for a very long time, represented school and county well before our Chairman was born! Serious adult stuff came as I graduated from climbing to fell running, with the odd venture into road running including the first London Marathon. I moved to the Stone area, joining the club in 1990, I still ran mainly fells but gradually tried more road racing. I started coaching sometime later, and we developed a small but enthusiastic group who trained, and raced together reguarly.
I lost the love a bit when injury and old age curbed my competitiveness, however over the last 3 years I have marvelled at the way Tim and the committee are pushing the club forward. I was happy to lend a hand with some Tuesday FUN sessions, also to be involved with team events like the Thunder Run. Now as a committee member I will attempt to encourage more members to get into coaching and run leading, and try to involve as many as possible in the competitive side of our hobby.

Julie Boulton – Membership Secretary

We currently have over 100 members and over the past few months we’ve gained an average of 4 new members per month, so it’s keeping me busy.

I joined ‘Stone Master Marathoners’ in January 2009 after entering the Stafford Half Marathon following a few glasses of wine over Christmas. The only reason I entered was because my son and brother had a bet that I wouldn’t get round. I completed the Stafford Half in 2:18 in 2009, and I’ve been running ever since. I’ve seen some amazing countryside and made lots of wonderful friends, and in 2015 completed the Stafford Half in less than 2 hours (1:57).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding SMM membership, England Athletics registration, or if you change your contact details.

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Brian Hall – Race Committee Co-ordinator and Chief Race Marshal

Helping to promote our Race events in a professional, safe and profitable manner.

Having reached the age where running competitively is no longer a serious option, I get tremendous satisfaction from putting back into the sport which we all love, whilst still enjoying the camaraderie and friendships which I have built up over the years since 1987 when I first joined the Club. Most of my interests are based on outdoor activities and there cannot be many better areas for running or walking than in the countryside around Stone, and our races are a showcase for this.

Emma Dutton – Communications

I still remember the day I met a friend to train for a Race For Life 5k and had to walk half of it! Wanting to improve my running, I joined SMM in 2015 and am a ‘graduate’ of the Thursday Beginners group. My proudest achievement is completing the London Marathon in 2016, raising over £1700 for Douglas Macmillan Hospice in the process. I’m proof positive that anyone can achieve something if they set their mind to it.

My role at the club is helping to generally promote us and our races, something made much easier by the fantastic community of Bats around me. I also have a penchant for posing for silly race photos! If you have ideas or suggestions on how you can help us spread the word, drop me a line via email above or add me on Facebook.

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Michelle Miles – Social Secretary

After a very productive and ‘entertaining’ social calendar year in 2017 and for me personally, a challenging and busy racing year (PB’s across all distances ((not a marathon!)), along with winning my group in the NSRRA), I am pleased to be taking on the role of Social Secretary for a second year!

Our socials exist to make sure that our fellow bats have a great time and let their hair down, with the occasional opportunity to learn something new from one of our varied talks.

To keep things interesting, mix things up a little and to make sure that we continue to ‘entertain,’ we are very fortunate to have Alison O’Mara agree (for her sins) to be joint Social Secretary with me!

Please feel free to grab either of us at any time to ask us questions on the vast array of activities we have in store for you 

If you’re interested in joining one of our many socials, check out our Social webpage here >>

Alison O'Mara – Social Secretary

I joined the club three years ago to have a healthier lifestyle, meet new people and have a break for the chaos of ever day life and since then I’ve never looked back! I’ve made some great friends and challenged myself in ways I never thought achievable. Now for my next challenge, being Social Secretary alongside Smilesy!

Being part of the social scene has great appeal to me and I’m looking forward to getting involved and having the opportunity to meet and spend time with my fellow Bats.

Jayne Ford – Beginners Representative

I have been a member of SMM for quite a few years now (I don’t like to count!), but I have only latterly become a member of the Management Committee as Beginners Representative.

I have reached some of my proudest of achievements during my time with SMM, including finishing second in my age group at the Stafford Half Marathon and becoming Staffordshire Age Group 10K champion. I have always raced shorter distance up to half marathons, although many years ago long before my time at SMM I ran the London Marathon.

This year I intend to put myself well out of my comfort zone, having entered the Thunder Run as an individual entrant although I did it last year but as part of a team. I have also entered the Six Dales Challenge. Watch this space.

I think it is important that we all remember where we all started, just trying to keep going for that first mile. Mine was after having back surgery and ending up in a wheelchair, so walking was my first target!

I now help with the beginners groups as a small way of giving something back to the club which supported an encouraged me in these early years (and still do) and to running in general. I hope I go some way to helping those who are probably starting out on their running career to be the best they can. A phase I hear a lot is “I can’t do 6 miles and I never want to race”. But with a little encouragement, lots of people eventually do both. What a thrill it is to watch someone run their first half marathon; it’s quite something.

At the end of the day, we all run for different reasons, but the things we are all united by is the love of running.

Emma Phillips (Pigtails) – Ambassador for Ultra Runners

I’m probably better known to most people as ‘Pigtails’, I’m a rather new bat having only joined in October 2017 but it’s home. Being a committee member means I’m able to put back into a club that gives me so much more than just a place to run and as ultra ambassador I’m able to introduce other members to my biggest passion and offer guidance.
I accidently began running back in 2013 and we’ve shared a special love hate relationship ever since. Raised by scout leaders means I’m no stranger to the outdoors so I soon found my happy place out on the trails. A good friend suggested I should try ultras and in 2016 I ran the Gritstone Grind, I was hooked. There’s something unique about the strategy of running big distance, learning to know your body and how it functions, how to fuel it, how to carry it for mile after beautiful mile. Each ultra comes with different challenges, varied terrain, insane elevation, navigational challenges, seasonal challenges. No two are the same and that’s why I love them. I’m at my happiest sharing what I’ve learnt over the years and seeing that passion light up in others. Come and talk to me at club, I can offer guidance, advice, help you find races to suit you and point you in the right general direction.  You’ll never know your limits if you don’t test them ?

Michael Beasley – Mental Health Ambassador

I am a relatively new comer to running completing my first marathon in 2015 and joining Stone Master Marathoners (SMM) in October 2017. I started running after friends of a similar age experienced physical health problems so out of a sense of recognition of my own poor physical health I started running. As a learning disability nurse working in an NHS mental health trust, I was more than aware not only of the physical benefits of running but also the positive impact running can have on an individual’s mental health.

I have completed the Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course with England Athletics and I am now qualified as a run leader. I have also completed a ‘Guide Runner’ course again with England Athletics to allow me to guide visually impaired runners. I also enjoy helping others meet their running goals by pacing from 5K to marathon distance.

Since joining SMM I have been entrusted with the role ‘Mental Health Ambassador’ with the objective to work within our running club to support the mental well-being of all members. I aim to make links between our club, mental health services/groups and organisations to encourage their members to start running.

With support from other SMM members we will start discussions about mental health with other running clubs working proactively with members of the ‘running community’ to achieve our goal of making running inclusive for all.

I aim to utilise social media to share information regarding England Athletics #runandtalk campaign and organise regular runs within SMM and again with other running clubs across our area.

Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding this role, I’ll do my best to answer your questions.