Rules and objectives of the club

OBJECTIVES AND RULES – as of January 2018


The objectives of the club shall be:

  1. To encourage participation in and enjoyment of running and racing at all distances
  2. to celebrate achievement at both individual and club level and in team events
  3. to share preparation, training and coaching for running and racing
  4. to promote the health and fitness of members
  5. to encourage good fellowship
  6. to explore and enjoy the countryside
  7. to promote and assist in the promotion of road races in the local region
  8. to undertake other duties, responsibilities and activities consistent with the nature and well-being of the club and its membership



The following rules are intended for guidance only and should be read in conjunction with the Club’s Constitution. Both the rules and the constitution may be amended from time to time in accordance with the necessary procedures.



1.1 The day-to-day general running of the club is devolved to the Management Committee, and a separate Race Committee is formed to organise and promote races



2.1 Membership is open to any person approved by the Management Committee2.2 Prospective members are encouraged to run with the club for a short period before joining, to ensure that they are satisfied that the club meets their requirements

2.3 Membership is subject to payment of the required joining and /or annual subscription fees as laid down by the Management Committee for the various grades of membership

2.4 Payment of the annual fee is required by 1 October each year. Non-payment by the 1 December following will lead to the assumption that the member does not wish to continue with club membership and will automatically lose all rights, including the use of Club facilities, voting rights and the right to race in club colours



3.1 The club regularly holds or promotes races and social events. Every member of the Club is expected to marshal or otherwise assist in the organisation of at least one of the races or events organised by the Club in the membership year, unless there are extenuating circumstances, which render this duty impractical, or it is not required at the discretion of the Management Committee.



4.1 Presently the Club uses the facilities of the Stone Lawn Tennis and Squash Club under an annual agreement based on the number of members

4.2 Club training runs commence from this facility on Wednesdays at 18.30 and Sundays at 09.00. The use of changing and bar facilities is included in the annual membership fee. This is for running only and use of other activities provided by the Tennis Club is by separate arrangements.

4.3 The changing and showering facilities can be used by members at any reasonable time.



5.1 Members joining the regular Wednesday and Sunday training runs are expected to wear club kit

5.2 Only kit registered with the necessary Sports Governing body shall be worn for racing in any discipline supported by the Club. (For the avoidance of doubt, Red or White tops and Black shorts are the basic colours currently registered) Note: failure to comply with this rule may lead to the disqualification of both the individual runner and any team of which they may be part.

5.3 Club kit is marketed by the club and any new or changed designs must be approved by the Management Committee

5.4 The style of lettering on kit and stationery is also approved by the committee and is presently Bookman Old Style

5.5 The presence and portrayal of the club emblem (the bat) is also approved by the committee

5.6 On dark nights, white tops and /or reflective gear shall be worn in the interests of safety



6.1 Training runs are held regularly as in 4.2 above, from time other training sessions may be held for improvers or for enhancing performance

6.2 All categories of runner are catered for, and a system of mustering is employed during the main runs where the lead runners double back to the end of the group to ensure that runners are not spread out too widely



7.1 Only members registered with UK Athletics, having paid the relevant levy, are permitted to race in club colours

7.2 Races supported by the Club are almost invariably subject to the Rules of Competition laid down by either national or local Sports Governing bodies



8.1 The club is allocated a certain number of automatic entries to the annual London Marathon. Entries are currently determined by a draw.

8.2 To be eligible for the draw, members must fulfil the following criteria:

(a) The applicant must be a fully paid-up full running member, and shall have been a member for at least one full year prior to the date of the draw.

(b) The member shall have applied personally for a place in the current year and have been rejected. Proof of rejection must be provided for entry to the draw

(c) The member will not have received the club place in the previous year’s London Marathon draw

(d)The applicant will have marshalled or otherwise assisted in the organisation of at least one of the races or events organised by the Club in the membership year, unless there are extenuating circumstances which render this duty impractical, or it is not required at the discretion of the Management Committee



9.1 Where the Committee proposes to consider an issue relating to or concerning an individual member of the Club, the outcome of which could be construed as detrimental to that member, the member or his representative should be given reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Committee or its appointed representative(s) prior to any decision being made regarding the issue in question. Except in a case requiring secrecy, the member or representative should be involved at an early stage.