We offer competitive and social running for ALL abilities. Come along to one of our sessions and try us out – we’ll make you feel welcome and, with our mustering policy, nobody is ever left behind!

TUESDAY – Speed Work

Sessions vary between Winter and Summer locations so always best to enquire with current members if you’re interested in attending.

6:10pm Speed (Beginners & Improvers).  Westbridge Park Car Park. A great session to help you increase your pace. This isn’t currently an official club run, but the runners welcome all.

6:15pmSpeed Session (Faster paced – but open to all). A structured session of speed work aimed at improving pace with like minded fellow runners. Click here to join our Facebook group for session details as it changes weekly.

January 2018

Date & Venue Session Comments
02/01/18 – 6.30pm – Airdale Road Warm up
4x100m Strides
5xfull hill jog down recovery
3 minutes gather up
5x full hill jog down recovery. Shorter hill marked if you want to use it.
Cool down
JC session

Welcome back, the hard yards/miles start here!!!

Staffs Champs X/C Saturday 

09/01/18 – 6.10pm – Bat Cave England Athletics Club Run

Tuesday 9th January. Chris will be onsite (Bat Cave) from 6.10pm.

The main session will take place around the Opal Way industrial estate and will be adapted to meet the needs of individual runners.

To promote a change of pace, the aim will be to engage all the energy systems within the session.

If you have any further questions before the session please contact John Clemens for info

Please be at the Bat Cave for 18.10 so Chris can explain what he is going to do. If running late, go direct to Opal Way.
16/01/18 – 6.30pm – Meaford Road Warm Up
4 x 100 strides
10 x 500(400) with 1minute recovery
JC session

4 Villages Half and Sneyd 10 Sunday

23/01/18 – 6.30pm – Opal Way Warm Up
Time based Hill Pyramid
JC Session

Midland X/C Saturday

30/01/18 – 6.30pm – Airdale Road Warm up
4x100m Strides
5xfull hill jog down recovery
3 minutes gather up
5x full hill jog down recovery. Shorter hill marked if you want to use it.
Cool down
 JC Session

Alsager 5 Sunday

WEDNESDAY – Official Club Run & Tempo Run

5:30pm – a warm up or a quicker paced run for an hour before our main run.

6:30pm – our Main Club Run for runners of all paces. We usually run up to 9/10miles with regular cut offs for those wanting shorter runs, e.g. 4 miles or 6 miles. Whatever your pace you won’t get left behind as we muster back and encourage all runners.

6:30pmTempo Run – Duration varies according to training plans. Meet at the Bat Cave and it will be announced on an ad hoc basis.

THURSDAY – Official Club Run & Beginners/Improvers Session

6:30pm – Beginners & Improvers Session – An introduction to running for all people -starting with Run/Walk and building up over a 10 week course. No matter what your levels of fitness or running ability, our friendly run leaders are here to support and encourage you. With a rolling intake, please come along and get started any week that suits! You don’t need to have any prior running experience, just be willing to give it a go.

6:30pm – Official Thursday Club Run – If other evenings don’t suit you’re welcome to join the Thursday Night Club Run for all club members. Please note, this run may split from the Beginner Session depending on numbers.


8:00amThe Early Long Run – A longer run of between 10m and 20m depending on requirements. The group will typically run at between 7mm and 9mm pace and will muster back so no-one gets left behind.

9:00am  – The Long Run #2 – A longer run of typically 8m to 20m depending on requirements. The group will typically run at 9mm pace and above and will muster back at regular intervals so no-one gets left behind.

9:30am – A shorter run for all abilities including our beginners group, as with all our runs we will muster back so no-one gets left behind.


In addition to the organised club runs, like-minded members can be found running together most days for social runs, Hill sessions, Tempo runs, Recovery runs, Pub runs and everything in between. Come along and meet fellow members on a training plan just like yours – we recommend joining the SMM Facebook group to easily chat with other runners and plan your outing.