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Winsford Cross Country – 26th September 2015

For some weeks Captain Bernie has been mentioning (on the odd occasion) Cross Country and after a disappointing turn out from the Men last year he wanted a few more volunteers to run. Now Saturday’s are not ideal for me but I wanted to give it a go as I heard it is great fun and a good laugh.

So after taking the kids swimming and then dropping them off at a conveniently timed party I went down to the club and jumped in a car with Rose Gillick and Kevin Uzzell who have a couple of years of experience behind them.

Taking the scenic route through Nantwich to avoid the M6 we arrived in Winsford and parked up setting off to find Bernie in the club tent, he had kindly gone early to set up, bad ribs and all, so we could concentrate on running.

We were met with the air conditioned version as Bernie had obviously seen the weather forecast and thought we would appreciate the open sides (and roof).Open Air


Following Bernie’s cajoling we had 22 names down who had offered to run and by 1pm we had 10 women and 12 men fit and raring to go. Several members had dusted out their spikes after several years who seemed thrilled to be back on it and then there was us newbies who didn’t know what to expect, but there was a real buzz about the place and with promise of chocolate and alcohol at the finish we were all very eager to participate.

The set up at Cross Country is that the juniors have several races first and then the U17’s and Senior Women go off about 1.30pm. At Winsford the Women do two laps (approx. 5k) of the sports field which starts on a slight incline and then loops round the field through a couple of woody areas with not many twist and turns, the Men then follow later about 10 past 2 but do 4 laps (approx. 10k) doing the same course.

So at 1.30pm the 10 Female Bats with the bottle of Prosecco awaiting them in about 25 minutes set off and all get a loud cheer as they go past on lap one with Amy Gamble leading the way up the field. Approximately 12-15 minutes later they pass us again on the start of the second lap with Amy still out front closely followed by Philippa Boote and Julia McArthur and then (in no particular order), Alison, Pam, Julie B and Julie E, Anne-Marie, Margaret Shaw and Rose Gillick.

Sometime then between 24-33 minutes they all cross the line after putting their all in (and even some giving some back) having done a great job for the Ladies and setting high standards for the men to follow.

2.10pm and time for the men to set off on their four laps, this being my first cross country I didn’t quite know what to expect. We started off on the sports field on a slight incline and then flattened out as we ran round the perimeter of the field with the occasional zig or even zag, I was surprised how quickly my legs started complaining but then we dropped down through a couple of windy paths and wooded areas which broke up the field and up and down a couple of banks which I quite enjoyed, we then circled back to the beginning and started lap 2.

In the head running laps isn’t always easy but then again you know what to expect and when to push on, the added bonus is that you get cheered (or abused) more than once by your teammates, family and of course the super fans, Lynne and Frank Shepley !! So getting through laps 2 and 3 and trying to pick up runners in front of you is the main aim whilst trying to keep other teams behind you as it is all about points in this game.

By the 4th lap are just trying to hold on and by this time Jim, Tim and Sparker were away in the distance and Fabian and Super Kev were still going well so although I wasn’t going to score any points I just tried to beat the few club runners in front of me just in case. After crossing the line and a brief lie down, I joined the rest of the team mates to cheer on the remaining lads, Alex, Jamie McArthur, Nick, Mac, Richard and Chris Ellerton all coming home in under an hour.

After making our way back to our air conditioned tent we all tucked into the chocolates and cake that was on offer (no champagne left by this point) and talked about the run.

For my first time at Cross Country it was fantastic fun and with the turn out and great team spirit I have already organised the childcare for Stafford Common and I urge anyone who has any doubts at all to come along because it is great fun and running as part of a team really helps.

Big thanks to Bernie for sorting it all out and the rest of the team for the encouragement – I have put a list of the times below, they are also on the website.

Bring on Stafford Common on the 24th October and look forward to seeing even more than 22 there.



24:31 Amy Gamble                                                    
25:13 Philippa Boote                                                
26:00 Julie McArthur                                                
26:12 Alison Brind                                                   
27:13 Pam Davies                                                     
27:10 Anne-Marie Mountford                             
29:30 Julie Ebrey                                                   
31:05 Julie Boulton                                                  
31:26 Rose Gillick                                                  
32:40 Margaret Shaw                                               

44:08 Jim Holland
45:10 Tim Hulse
47:30 Steve Parker
48:16 Fabien Carbonell
48:55 Kevin Uzzell
49:03 Paul Phillips
52:14 Alex Yendole
53:33 Jamie McArthur
54:21 Nick Boulton
55:04 Richard Shaw
57:45 Mac McCoig
58:59 Chris Ellerton

Run Reports

Cross Country – Message from the Captain

To ALL Stone Master Marathoners, The Cross Country season is fast approaching and this is my call to all of you to help put Stone back on the map in the local North Staffs Cross Country League (NSCCL).  Last year we didn’t field a full team for the men and the ladies team finished 6th (8 clubs fielded full teams) in the second division.  It wasn’t too many years ago that both the men and the ladies were in division 1: the men were relegated in 2008 having not fielded full teams in all events; and the women were relegated in 2009 by a narrow margin of 17 places.  Stone can be competitive again but it will take mass participation to make this happen.  Many members will be new to the format of Cross Country so this email is to outline the competition and the reasons why we need as many of you as possible to take part this year.

  • The NSCCL consists of 4 races during the early winter.  This year the races are:
    • Winsford 26th September (flat and all on grassy fields)
    • Stafford Common 24th October (windy, hilly and often muddy)
    • Park Hall 14th November (more trail running than cross country)
    • Uttoxeter Race Course 12th December (new this year but there is a ditch to jump)
  • The ladies race is 5k and it starts at 1.30PM and the men’s is 10k and it starts at 2.10PM.
  • Each venue is very different as described above.
  • Cross Country is brilliant training.  It covers all aspects of running: speed; hills; competition; and teamwork.
  • Teamwork is the key to Cross Country.  Every single person in the team has a role to play.  Whilst 4 people count and the total of their positions make the team total, every other person can help by pushing the competition backwards.  In 2009 the ladies were relegated by 17 points. This equates to pretty much 4 positions per race.  A few sprint finishes to push back some Telford Harriers would have been enough to keep us in the first division.
  • Another important point is that we have some very competitive veterans in our club.  If we don’t field a full team then the individuals cannot be included in the overall standings.  We all owe it to these people to field a team so that they can receive their hard fought prizes.  It only needs 4 people to make a team.
  • We can be competitive.  We have some new members who are planning to race the Cross Country and help to make the club competitive again.
  • Finally, it’s really good fun and it will help you get into great shape for the 2016 road racing season.

There is also a Midland Cross Country, the National Cross Country and Cross Country relays but more about them at a later date.

I genuinely hope to see as many of you as possible at Winsford next Saturday and I do understand that there are family, jobs, etc. which will prevent some of you coming along. I’ll be there early to put up the club tent and could do with a hand because of a slight incapacity after Jim’s Stag / Marathon weekend.   The weather looks good but the tent will afford a little privacy for us when changing.

The distance from Stone to Winsford is 33 miles and takes approximately 45 minutes via the M6. It would be great if we car-share, leaving the Club at 11.30 AM.




Run Reports

Potteries Marathon 5th July 2015

Race report: Paul Phillips

PottsM_GroupWith the Potteries Marathon making a return after 10+ years I decided to make it my debut marathon. When I started running about 3 years ago I had no intention of running a marathon as it seemed such a long way and with a young family I would never fit in the training required.

However, after almost 3 years with SMM I signed up and started running more often with Bernie’s Sunday morning ramble’s around the Staffordshire countryside and training began.

Not long after I signed up the support from fellow runners began , well laughing when I mentioned it was my first and lots of tales about the heat, the hills and how difficult it was. Thanks everyone just what I needed to hear !!!

The day arrived, I didn’t think I had done enough training (does anyone) but cometh the hour !

Got the kit ready and then jumped in the car with the family and made my way to the home of football – Britannia Stadium, I don’t normally allow Nicola and the boys to come and watch me race as I get a tad nervous, but friends of ours were also running and they were going to spend a few hours at a local park before supporting us at the finish.

We met  all the Bats and had our group photo, with my boys photobombing the shot and then after a round of good lucks we made our way onto the start area with the other 1000 or so runners.

At 9.30am we started my debut marathon and made our way off the Britannia Stadium car park and down towards Trentham road, a nice flat easy start to find our rhythm – this wasn’t so bad only 25 miles to go !

We made our way up towards Longton Park, chatting with the other runners, recognising faces from the facebook chats over the past few months and fellow NSRRA racers all after points as we thought ‘No-one else from our group is daft enough to run this”, wrong as always lots of Group D runners on show.

PottsM_PaulP2As we passed Longton Park some fellow Bats were there cheering us along and Mike Keeling taking photos, at least at mile 3 we could still smile. domain name search engine I had found a nice steady rhythm and plodded along up through Normacot, Bentilee, along past the Crematorium and onto Leek road, covering some of the Potts Arf route  and soaking up the support and making the most of the water stations along the way. It was quite warm and muggy but not the scorching temperatures I had heard all about (I am sure it was probably only hot once but memories get fuzzed with some of these old Bats!!).

As we got to the top of Leek New Road it was about half way and I was well on target to break the 4 hours I would ideally like and feeling good – there had been plenty of hills but nothing I wasn’t expecting but knew the second half was likely to be a lot more challenging, so a few deep breaths and off we went towards Burslem (I think – not a part of the Potteries I am familiar with).

Up through Burslem and then down past Middleport Pottery and under the A500 trying to avoid banging the head on the low bridge – that said I was starting to think I must have banged my head to agree to run a marathon.

Next came Porthill Bank, I had been told it was a killer so I slowed for a minute or two took on some Jelly Babies and made my way up it at a steady pace but again we go up more hills on a Wednesday night for fun. It did go on for a while and we seemed to keep climbing even after the initial bank and it was about this point the sun decided to make more of an appearance and it felt like it warmed up a few more degrees, even more reason to grab water at every opportunity.

PottsM_TheLegendMy pace had slowed at this point and the legs were beginning to ache but the head was still ok and was still enjoying the challenge as we dropped into Newcastle (was that the first downhill ?), through the town and then a climb up past the Thistleberry, never noticed this as a hill before but at 18/19 miles it appeared hard work. We then got on to part of the Clayton 10k course round Seabridge lane, and at this point I had ran further than ever before and knew I only had a 10k to run (easier said than done).

After Clayton we made our way back towards the A34 and the infamous ‘Avenue’ – mile 23 and a hill that seemed to go for forever followed by Lodge Road which went on even longer and steeper – whose idea was it to put them at the end ? But we had come this far so plod up the hills safe in the knowledge it must be the last one before we go down James Street and back to the Brit.

The legs were aching, the sun was shining and I had given up looking at the watch as it was irrelevant the aim was to finish – so taking in the support, drinking the water and eating the jelly babies on offer we got to the top of James Street and rolled down – it was hard work on the knees but I think a hump back bridge would have been by this point!

It was then a meander around streets until we came back to the A500, up and over the bridge and dropped down to the incinerator and 400 meters to go up the path to the Britannia – another climb, 200 metres to go round the corner and a steep climb to the finish – but you could now see the support lining the finishing straight and it spurred you up the climb for the finish. I heard my family shouting and then Ben my youngest ducked under the tape and grabbed my hand – and made me sprint to the finish (Thanks for that Ben !!!!).

3hr 48 minutes !!!!!

I found the nearest chair, sat down before I fell down and drank lots of water whilst Nicola, Matthew and Ben checked I was okay. After 5 minutes or so I managed to recover and go and find the Bats who had finished already where we passed around a few congratulations.

Unfortunately I had to rush off then as we had to find our friends who were coming back for lunch (7 kids in total – would I rather have been in the Exchange with everyone else….take a guess.)

Someone asked me within 10 minutes of finishing if I enjoyed it and I didn’t say no – I am not sure I got the feeling of immense satisfaction others talk about but the more I look back the more I realise 26.2 miles is a very long way and I can’t really believe I completed it.

It was an experience, thanks to the people of Stoke on Trent for the support, the marshalls and organisers for putting on a great event and lastly thanks to Stone Master Marathoners for the support and encouragement since I have joined the club – it really is a great running club with a great set of people who make running fun!

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Potters Arf – 14th June 2015

Race Report: Tony Matthews

Sooty, sausages and strawberry ice pops !

2015_PottsArf_GroupThis was my first attempt at running a half marathon so a PB guaranteed and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  It was great to see quite a few fellow club members beforehand and your advice was invaluable..thank you.

My overwhelming memories are seeing sooty at the top of Anchor Road, I thought I was hallucinating, a guy passed me in Bentilee with a pound of sausages round his neck (???) and then I had to slow …and well…stop on heartbreak hill to enjoy a strawberry ice pop! The nicest ice pop I have probably ever tasted.

2015_PottsArf_TonyMatthewsPeople told me how special the atmosphere would be and it really was. So many people out supporting and I have to say the support from fellow runners also was pretty special too.

My time in the end was 2hrs 4mins, that ice pop probably cost me a bronze medal….oh well, there’s always next time. I did raise over £300 for BLESMA ( British Limbless ex Servicemen’s association) so all good in the end.

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33rd Bungay Black Dog Half Marathon – Sunday 19th April 2015

Race Report: Richard & Margaret Shaw

Rich&MargThis year the Half Marathon was advertised as part of Bungay Festival of Running which also included a Marathon and for the first time a 10k. All three races follow the same route with the Marathon runners completing two laps of the course, Half Marathon one lap and 10k peeling off at around 3 miles and rejoining the main route at approx 5 miles. All three races were sold out prior to race day. All chip timing.

Bungay is an attractive village situated centrally on the Suffolk/ Norfolk border in the Waveney Valley and is just over 500 miles round trip from Stone. You may well ask, why compete in a Half Marathon such a long way from home? It is a race we have previously seen advertised and Suffolk is where my Mother was born and many of my relations still live. Also, this year as I have reached the ripe old age of 65, I decided to run a different race in a different county each month.The Bungay Marathon was one of the many Marathons run by our late club member Vernon Olivant and was included in “Vernon’s Stupid Heroes League”.

The races start and finish on the outskirts of Bungay with the Marathon starting at 9.00am and the Half and 10k at 11.00am. The route skirts the villages of Mettingham and Barsham before reaching the half way point in Beccles. The runners snake their way through the quaint streets of Beccles then over River Waveney which is part of Norfolk Broads into open countryside through the villages of Gillingham and Gelderston then at 11 miles the run takes you along the old railway line back to the finish in Bungay. The route starts in Suffolk, runs into Norfolk and back into Suffolk for the finish. A scenic route but not a P.B course.

The winning times were as follows:
Marathon. 2:50:22 runner from Ipswich Jaffa Running Club
Half Marathon 1:17:49 runner from Colchester Harriers
10k 35:32 runner from Colchester Harriers

My Chip time was 1:54:05 finishing 229/502 with Margie 2:20:27
A good club run as 10k and Half Marathon runners set off together for first 3 miles also the Marathon runners are at the start of their second lap roughly at same time as we start, so at some point all are running together. It was one of the hardest Half Marathons I have run and now know why it was included in the ” Stupid Heroes League”. However, a very enjoyable race and good to run with runners from numerous running clubs not usually seen in Staffordshire.

IMG_0105All finishers received a well stocked goody bag, medal and can of Adnams of Southwold Ghost Ship Beer which was well deserved and went down very well after the race.

As already mentioned, I am running a different race in a different county each month and so far have completed the following :

January. Twin Piers 10k in Llandudno Gwynedd
February. Alsager 5 in Cheshire
March. Stafford Half in Staffordshire
April. Bungay Half in Suffolk

The following races I have entered:

May. Market Drayton 10k in Shropshire
June. Kingham12k ( 40th Anniversary Race) in Oxfordshire
July. Bewl Water 15 miles (British Masters Multi Terrain Championship) East Sussex
August. Kimbolton Half in Cambridgeshire
Sept. New Forest Half in Hampshire
October. Tissington Trail Half in Derbyshire.

Only November and December to arrange!

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Manchester Marathon – 19th April 2015


Having run the Survival of the Fittest obstacle race a couple of times around the Etihad Stadium and velodrome (Man City), it felt like the right thing to do to run an event based at Old Trafford. I registered for the 2014 event but needed to defer which the organisers accommodated for a small admin fee.

I’d assumed it was a new-ish event and had heard that it had recently had a bad year that some of the club had experience of (2012 I think – wet baggage, organisation and steps at the end?). The blurb though indicated that 2015 would in fact be its 39th year and in 2014 it scooped awards for ‘most improved race’; and ‘best marathon’. So indications were good.

I wasn’t with the club when I enrolled and am training for longer distances this year but as the 19th got closer I began to feel the pressure of its being marketed as the ‘UK’s flattest, fastest and friendliest marathon’ – I’d have to give it a good go.

The football fans amongst you will know that there are a few pop-up car parks around Old Trafford that will charge £5-10 per day and the stadium is well served by public transport. The organisers allow you to book I advance the Man United car parks though so I did that for ease – it was £10 and was park N2 right next the stadium, village and finish-line. I’d recommend it, especially if lone-running. I got there for 6am but people were landing at 8am so if you are staying locally or are willing to take a risk on the M6, you could arrive later.

The event village (car park E2, M16 ORA) was superb with huge marquees for baggage, eateries, etc. and I’ve never seen as many portaloos at any event I’ve been to (these things matter). The beauty of the car park was being able to leave kit in the car though. I don’t think they catered for valuables like mobiles/keys, which felt like a gap given all the other services offered. The scores of marshals, cadets and volunteers were very friendly and couldn’t do enough for you.

Not having run in club colours since a teenager it was nice to hear someone shout ‘Stone!’ at me a couple of paces into the village. Turned out to be five friendly Newcastle runners; and during the race did a thumbs up with a Trentham guy and another in a Michelin vest that feels like Trent Vale but I don’t recognise yet?

manc2The muster for the start was different – there wasn’t an obvious voice directing the herd and the time-based colour pens weren’t pens like the Great North Run, but signs you kind of stood by until the off. It was a little bit confused at first. I’d been allocated to the second last group and was worried about how to get towards my pace group. The benefit of loose waves though was that we could edge up – there were people in the forward groups edging back at the same time.

Too far from the front to hear Ron Hill pull the trigger, we relied on a tannoy to relay that we were off. The next task was to spot the pacers. Running with big flags ranging from 3hrs to 5 hrs they were good visible targets. The blurb asked that you book online beforehand – I tried but couldn’t work out how to, so was easier to aim for the flag. Key bit of advice I’d give is to not forget like I did that if you are chasing a pacer in a wave ahead of you, you actually put yourself ahead of that pacer because you have caught them up. Steve Parker gave me some great advice to hold steady for 16 then give it some towards the end. That was my intention but chasing the pacers meant I pretty much got sucked into moving forward and did the reverse, which I wouldn’t recommend – it hurt in the last third! Another peculiarity is that with 15 minute interval pacers, there appeared to be a 3:15, 3:29 and 3:30 all this interval apart which didn’t compute.

manc3The course involved a bit of out-and-in with two loops, one around Altrincham; and the other around Sale. Once away from the start the running was very residential with occasional town centres which felt very similar to the mid-section of the Great North. It quickly became striking how flat the course was. I’d not noticed before but hills do gently help regulate pace and their absence seemed to make for consistent running which could trap you if like me, you went out too hard. I counted five ‘bits’ of gradient all the way around that any of the club runners would take in their stride. If though you wanted to break yourself in, there was an option to run a relay in teams of two and four which appeared to be really well marked – it is a very accommodating event.

Support from the public and marshals really was second to none with bands and choirs that you would like to stop and enjoy, but had to keep moving. The numbers had your name on so you’d get shouts from all over which make a difference. There seemed to be sweets and water offered very regularly indeed. There was a gap around salt-based stuff though. I think there were two stations that gave isotonic drinks – I caught the last one just after the body started moaning at mile 22. I’m not a big drinker during a run but would take a salt supplement with me next time. Mile markers were there the whole way round and matched Strava well (if you use it).

Got to give huge thanks to Tim Hulse for his support, shout out and kind write up – really made a difference at miles 4 and 19. Great run by Elaine Hulse too.

Things went a bit wayward 21-25 as you expect. There was a little bit of countryside where things went very quiet then what felt like a long straight road in. I think it was at 25 when you could see the footie stadium again which was a good magnet. The road kinks a bit (still flat though) so you lose sight of it but the main supporters start at this point and the end seemed to come really quickly.

The finish was slick and very well supported – someone seemed to check each of us as we crossed to check welfare then it was on through the reception area. The sponsors were Asics, MyProtein and Erdinger so the offers were a foil blanket, cups of whey protein and then beer (with no alcohol in – never had it before but was ok). Goodie bag with nice T-shirt and huge medal as they all seem to be at the moment. The vast majority of finishers appeared really happy with their times – and about how they had qualified for other events on the back of this race. I’ve done a few events with RatRace over the years and tripped over one of the partners who blew up half way, walked a bit and still finished in 2:42 which reminded me that we only ever compete against ourselves!

It was a really well organised event that did feel friendly, if a little ponderous before the start. Would strongly recommend if want a qualifying time or PB and could be a good first marathon if like me, it was your first. Flip side is your time in pretty much any other race you do – be it Potters or London is likely to be slower. A lively event that felt more like a half than a full, I’d recommend giving it a go.

manc4The organisers, Xtramile events ( also do a range of endurance events, triathlons mainly, so after you’ve done the marathon, you may get tempted to have a look at some other disciplines while you are on. Hope this of some use, cheers.

Run Reports

Spring Treble, Hanchurch Hilly – 16th April 2015

Race report – Pam Eardley

2015_HH_PamEThursday evening was a lovely night and what a good night for the first part of the Spring Treble. I didn’t run any of these  races last year being new to the club so not being a fan of hills I wasn’t quite sure what lay in store, but safety in numbers Julie McArthur Lucy Carter  and myself said to one another “well I will if you will”. To be totally honest we all run on a Thursday evening anyway so we thought why not have a change of scenery (with a few hills thrown in.)

I arrived just after six to see Richard Shaw and Chris Barlow doing a great job getting us all parked up. Walking to pick up my number and T shirt I  bumped into Joyce Edwards who warned me how to avoid a particularly boggy area of the course thanks Joyce. Was nice to see John too . It was lovely to see so many club members marshalling and all part of the organisation which  had me thinking perhaps I should of helped  you guys and not run it . There was a lovely informal atmosphere and it was great to see so many different club runners, everyone was very friendly.

I made my way to the start and met my  2 running buddies . Deciding to stay at the back we set off at a nice steady pace possibly doing more talking than running but we ladies are good at multi tasking. The course was great all off road and in stony places quite difficult to get much speed up on , well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I saw a few fallers and a couple of people who had pulled up so we stopped a couple of times to check the runners were ok.

I did think at one point we seem to be going down hill an awful long time which only means one thing, what goes down must go up.
What a climb it was too and a photographer at the top !!!!  Thanks!!!!!Then after that I can’t remember much else I remember Brian who was marshalling spurring us on by telling us we were nearly there !!! We all finished together so we made it around the challenging course. Bring on the next two.

2015_HH_ChrisEUnfortunately things didn’t finish quite so well for Chris Eardley who decided on  a sprint finish and pulled a calf muscle, which possible puts him out of action for a while certainly Milford he will be marshaling now .

Huge thanks to everyone of the Bats too many of you to mention great job

Run Reports

Captain’s Report 28th January 2015

Bill Clarke – Captain, Stone Master Marathoners

While writing this report on Sunday night, I suddenly realised why my back was aching and my legs felt so tired: old age and the fact that this is the thirtieth year I have been running, and then I had been running for 2 ¼ hours earlier that morning so I suppose I have to expect this sort of feeling at my age now. On the positive side, I have managed to run (not race) four races over the last six weeks which I have enjoyed with the people who persuaded me to take part.

Oakamoor VetsThe weekend of December 7th I put myself up for the Weston Park 10k expecting it all to be on paths, but no – it was about half on paths and half over muddy tracks (do not listen to Dave Griffiths if he finds a race to run). Three members took part with Dave Griffiths 1st for the club in 58 minutes, followed by Anne Griffiths in 60 minutes and myself a few seconds behind. On the same day, Tim Hulse ran the Stockport 10 miles, a race that he does every year, with a time of 1:16:24.

The weekend after these races we had the last of the North Staffs cross country races at Leek Westwood High School – a tough course. In the ladies race, Alison Brind finished 1st lady for the club (28:49), closely followed by Claire MacKellar (30:12), and Emma Clay (32:49) just managed to hold off Ann-Marie Mountford (32:55). In the men’s race, two members ran with Alex Yendole running a time of 46:07 and Jonathan Howell with a time of 47:55.

The following day I again took part in the Telford 10k with three members of the club.  This was Julie McArthur’s first race for the club and she was also the first member to finish (52:16), followed by Dave Griffiths (56:33), Anne Griffiths (59:07) and myself (59:24).

On the night of Wednesday 17th December there was a reasonable turn out for the Chairman’s Bare Wrist run over four miles with Tom Johnson closest with his predicted time and with Alison Brind first for the ladies.

The last race of 2014 was Wheaton Aston 10k and four members took part: Dave Griffiths 58 mins, Anne Griffiths and myself 59 mins, and Sarah Capewell 68 mins – a PB by three minutes.

On Thursday 8th January, we had a special beginners group for new members with 29 first timers, 22 regular beginners and 10 club members which turned out to be very successful with two different group runs.  Following on from that night we are averaging about the same each week so far.

At the NSRRA awards at Florence Sports and Social there were trophies for Ann-Marie Mountford for first lady group W winner and the most improved runner and the Stuart Dunston trophy for the best performance by a group W runner at the Clayton 10k. Pam Davies was first lady veteran age group 60 – 64 and she now holds the association record for lady veteran 60 years for the marathon 4:01:48. Richard Fain came third in group D.

The last race I was going to report on was the Four Villages Half Marathon at Helsby in which seven of us travelled up to the Wirral, but this was called off at the last minute because of icy roads so we returned to Stone and did a ninety minute run around Barlaston Downs and the Outlanes.


Editor: The photo above is from the Oakamoor Vets from the summer –  I’m not convinced that many of the ladies are old enough to qualify as Vets.

Run Reports

Chaimans Bare Wrist Run – 17th December 2014

John Haine – Chairman Stone Master Marathoners

John HaineWednesday 17th saw the annual quest to find the members who can predict and accurately achieve a running pace. The distance for the annual Chairman’s ‘Bare Wrist Run’ is an accurate 4 miles and each competitor is asked to predict their time. Watches are not allowed!

28 members completed the challenge with the usual high level of accuracy.

Lucy Carter, on her first attempt, was only 11 seconds fast but beaten into first place by Alison Brind in 2 seconds slow. Tom Johnson was 13 seconds slow to win the male prize, narrowly beating Malcolm Mackinnon 14 seconds fast.

I would like to thank everyone for the awesome spread and I wish all the club members a Happy Christmas and don’t forget the training!

no name slower predicted actual faster
2 Richard Shaw ######### 00:34:43 00:33:43 00:01:00
3 Brian Hall 00:01:37 00:35:20 00:36:57 ########
4 Margaret Shaw ######### 00:38:38 00:38:18 00:00:20
5 Paul Phillips ######### 00:33:00 00:30:56 00:02:04
6 Malcolm Mackinnon ######### 00:34:35 00:34:21 00:00:14
7 Jane Ford ######### 00:34:15 00:32:50 00:01:25
8 Fabien Carbonelle ######### 00:33:15 00:32:16 00:00:59
10 Mick Downes ######### 00:28:30 00:27:49 00:00:41
11 Paul Lee 00:01:37 00:28:00 00:29:37 ########
13 Chris Barlow 00:01:24 00:35:10 00:36:34 ########
14 Phil Sharratt ######### 00:42:23 00:40:04 00:02:19 booby
15 David Russell ######### 00:34:37 00:33:11 00:01:26
16 Tom Johnson 00:00:13 00:28:05 00:28:18 ######## 1st man
17 Sharon Brandwood 00:02:33 00:37:00 00:39:33 ########
18 Kevin Uzzell ######### 00:31:30 00:30:51 00:00:39
21 Claire Mackellar ######### 00:36:00 00:33:00 00:03:00
22 Julie Boulton ######### 00:37:50 00:35:52 00:01:58
23 Julia Dando ######### 00:44:00 00:39:20 00:04:40 booby
24 Pam Davies ######### 00:36:10 00:35:43 00:00:27
25 Mac McCoig ######### 00:37:41 00:35:49 00:01:52
26 Julie Ebrey ######### 00:38:00 00:33:45 00:04:15
27 Alison Brind 00:00:02 00:33:00 00:33:02 ######## 1st lady
28 Richard Fain ######### 00:29:23 00:28:33 00:00:50
29 Sarah Renolds ######### 00:35:39 00:34:41 00:00:58
30 Alex Yendole 00:00:40 00:30:00 00:30:40 ########
31 Julie McCarthur 00:00:59 00:40:00 00:40:59 ########
32 Lucy Carter ######### 00:41:10 00:40:59 00:00:11
Run Reports

Captain’s Report – 3rd December 2014

Bill Clarke – Club Captain 

6 Dales ShoesBlimey, another month since my last report and the weather is still reasonable for this time of year! It has been a quiet month for races -with only four to mention – starting with the 6 Dales Challenge: 25 miles over fields and stiles, with both runners and walkers taking part. I remember running this race 12 years ago, getting lost and taking that long to finish that I was asked at the end if I had started with the walkers. Anyway, Tim Hulse recorded 4 hours 9 minutes, with Ann-Marie Mountford, Claire Mackellor and Julie Ebrey all recording 6 hours 52 minutes.

In the Athens Marathon 7 members ran, with Mick Downes coming in first for the club in 3 hours 24 minutes.

For the 5K Park Hall Cross Country at Longton, Pam Davies was the first lady in for the club in 29 minutes 2 seconds, with the ever-improving Emma Clay coming in at 30 minutes and 1 second, Anne-Marie Mountford at 30 minutes 21 seconds and Margaret Shaw with 34 minutes and 25 seconds. In the men’s race over 10K, 7 men from the club ran, with Steve Fenney flying round in a swift 39 minutes and 36 seconds – a good time and half a minute faster than our second man Fabian Carbonell (who I could not get to run any cross country races).

In the latest race, the Cheddleton 10K – a tough course over three laps with a longish climb on each lap – Kevin Uzzell came home in 45 minutes  42 seconds and was 1st male veteran 65. Julie Boulton was our first lady in 56 minutes and 45 seconds.

Just to finish, I would again like to remind members of the Chairman’s Bare Wrist 4 miles on Wednesday 17th December at 6.30 pm. You have to run the 4 miles without your watch on and predict your finishing time to the nearest second over the two lap course. It starts from Newcastle Road to the Ponds Garage on the A34, to Stafford Street, Crown Street, Newcastle Road, Trent Road, back on to the A34, Stafford Street, Crown Street and Newcastle Road, where it finishes by the club entrance. Please bring a plate of food for a buffet after the race.