Training Guides

Resident coach John Clemens has put together a few tips for you to help strengthen your body and improve your running in general.

May 2017

Date & Venue Session Comments
09/05/17 – 6.30pm – Opal Way Warm up, few hills and some 400’s cool down easy peasy Session by popular demand  Clayton 10k (NSRRA) on Wednesday
16/05/17 – 6.30pm – Running Track behind Alleynes School Track-based session including 400’s Chris Barlow organising
23/05/17 – 6.30pm – Opal Way Warm Up
4x 100 Strides
4x 1mile
3 mins recovery
Last effort chasing start
JC Session
Flying Fox Marathon (NSRAA) on Sunday
30/05/17 – 6.30pm – Downs Banks Warm Up
Various Hills
Fartlek or relays to finish
JC Session
Westbridge 5 on Sunday

Speed Session Suggestion Plan

Need some inspiration to help shape your own speed sessions? Why not adopt this plan to help inspire your own running – grab a friend or two, always helps!

Venue Session Comments
Airdale Road 3 x 100 strides
12 x Full Hill
Jog recovery
Gather up after 4 and 8
Walton Industrial Estate (Opal Way) 4 x 1 mile 3mins recovery last effort chasing start Warm up and cool down laps
Meaford Road 4 x 100 strides
4 x 500 1 minute recovery
2 x 1000m 2min recovery
4 x 500 1 minute recovery
Airdale Road 4 x 100 strides
5 x half hill jog recovery
5 x full hill jog recovery
5 x half hill jog recovery
Gather up after 4 and 8
Meaford Road 4 x 100 strides
12 x 400 100 jog recovery


Core Work – this needn’t be too onerous but a great way to build stomach strength.

  • Warm Up – 3 minutes of step ups using the stairs. Try to hit 30 steps per minute.
  • 10x bent leg sit ups. Protect the small of your back with a cushion and consciously engage your abs
  • 30 seconds plank
  • 10x leg raises. Lying down flat, hands behind your head, raise your straight legs slowly, hold, then lower but try to keep your feet off the floor
  • Repeat set as many times as you like, or until technique starts to falter
  • Cool down with some running on the spot and stretches