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At Stone Master Marathoners we endeavour to cater for all abilities and there are normally runs most days of the week.

We have a typical running week, but sometimes the sessions (time and location) may vary, so please look on Spond first to check the specific session details. All our runs include our famous mustering so no one is ever left behind.

We make use of the Spond App to promote and book a place on all our runs / sessions and social media is also a good source of information for not just club runs but if specific events are taking place. Please download the app and contact our Membership Secretary who will arrange access. Click the image to visit the Spond website and download the App >>

Monday – Club Run, 6:20pm, Stone Tennis Club

A social club run of between 3-5 miles for all abilities. This run started as a follow on from the Couch to 5k and has now become an established run. For some people they may be putting in more effort and for others it could be an easy paced recovery run.

Tuesday – Intervals Session (usually Coach led)

9:00am – Stone Business Park

6:30pm – Stone Business Park (usually, but this can change weekly to make use of the different locations – see Spond for details)

Usually between a 60 and a 90 minute session comprising of Warm-up, Session, and Cool down. The Interval Sessions will vary from week to week and will involve periods of effort (speed!) combined with periods of recovery – this could range from 100m efforts to 1 mile efforts. It’s open to all abilities, and is aimed to help us improve our running speed and endurance.

Wednesday – Club Run, 6:00pm, Stone Tennis Club

Our traditional midweek club run ranging from 6-10 miles. In the summer months we try to get out on the trails, in winter months we pound the streets of Stone. As with the Monday run some may take it easy (for them) and some may push on – e.g. for some 9 min miles may be an effort session, for others it maybe a recovery run – but members can help pace each other. As with all runs, we Muster and no one gets left behind.

Thursday – Bill’s Run, 6:15pm, Stone Highways Depot

A run of up to 5-6 miles led by our very own Bill Clarke. We’d describe this run in similar terms as the Wednesday Club run above, but this run had the added Bill factor!

Tempo Thursday, 6:25pm, Stone Highways Depot

A warm up of approximately 1 mile followed by 2 to 4 miles at your Tempo pace (think 5k or 10k race pace) followed by a 1 mile cool down. This is a tough run (if you run at pace) but can be very rewarding in terms of improving your pace. It’s open to all paces whether your Tempo pace is 11mm (minute mile) or 6mm – we all run the same course and encourage each other.

Saturday – See Spond

From time to time we will organise specific runs which may include;

  1. a run to Park Run, Park Run and then run home.  Could work in place of a Sunday Long run
  2. A hill session – tough but worthwhile

Sunday – Long Run, 8:00am, Stone Tennis Club

A longer run of typically between 10 and 15m when not Marathon training, and up to 20-22 miles when Marathon training. The pace of the run usually ranges from approximately 8:30-9mm to 7mm or a bit below, and all of us run together, the quicker runners muster back for the slower runners from time to time.  Not everyone will do the full run (especially a 20 miler), so we’ll try to incorporate cut-offs for those wanting a bit shorter.

Sunday – Long Run, 8:30am, Stone Tennis Club

A longer run with the same ethos as the 8am run but at a pace range of likely 10mm to 8mm, with maybe a bit shorter distance. As with all our runs we muster and no one gets left behind.

Sunday – Steady Run 9:00am, Tennis Club

A run of typically 6-10 miles for all abilities.

Stone's friendly, competitive running club for all abilities

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