Club Championship

Stone Master Marathoners – 2020 Club Championship

The championship has been simplified to (hopefully) encourage more of us to enjoy the North Staffs Road runners races. Most of the NSRRA races will count (including the reserve races), best 10 results to count.  50 points for first in for the club, 49 for second, etc.

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The races are as follows:

Race 1 Sunday 2nd Feb – 11:00 Alsager 5 Race 11 Sunday 12th July – 10:30 Cheadle 4
Race 2 **New Date** Sunday 26th July Rugeley 10 Mile Race 12 Wednesday 22nd July – 19:15 Staffs Knot 5
Race 3 Sunday 8th March – 10:30 Knighton 20 Race 13 Sunday 2nd August – 10:30 Trentham 10K
Race 4 Sunday 22nd March – 10:00 Newcastle 10K Race 14 Thursday 13th August – 19:15 Dave Clarke 5k
Race 5 Sunday 12th April – 10:15 South Cheshire 10K Race 15 Sunday 16th August – 10:00 Leek Half Marathon
Race 6 Sunday 3rd May – 10:30 Uttoxeter Half Marathon Race 16 Sunday 6th September – 9:30 South Cheshire 20
Race 7 Wednesday 6th May – 19:15 Clayton 10k Race 17 Sunday TBC St Thomas 10k
Race 8 Wednesday 20th May – 19:15 Stone 5 mile Race 18 Saturday 19th September -15:30 Ipstones 5 ish
Race 9 Saturday 20th June – 10:00 Meerbrook 15k Race 19 Sunday 4th October – 9:30 Congleton Half Marathon
Race 10 Sunday 28th June – 10:00 Stone St. Michael’s 10K Race 20 Sunday 11th October – 10:30 Werrington 10K
Full details

Full details of the races are available on the NSRRA website

Please check race details before entering as dates may change and not be updated above **

Club Championship Overview and 2020 Rules

  • The Club Championship Race series will be held between 2nd February 2020 (Alsager 5) and 11th October 2020 (Werrington 10k).
  • The series will encompass the 22 races in the NSRRA series with the exception of  Westbridge 5 and the Flying Fox 10 leaving 20 races in total.
  • There are 2 groups allocated, 1 Male and 1 Female. You will be racing against members in your group.
  • 50 points will be awarded to the member who finishes first in your group in each race with 49pts for 2nd, 48 for 3rd, 47 for 4th
  • Your 10 best race points will be added together for your final point’s total. The highest points total in each group will be declared the group winner.
  • To qualify for points from a race you must:-
    • Run in a SMM club top
    • Be a 1st Claim Member at the time of the race
  • To be eligible for a final group position you must
    • Complete a minimum of 10 races
    • Marshall at one SMM event
  • The Male Group 1 winner will be Men’s Club Champion. The Female Group 1 winner will be Ladies Club Champion.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each group.
  • For a complete list of Club Championship Races please see the Club Championship page on the website.
  • The maximum number of points to be Won is 500 = (10 best race points at 50 points)

In the event of a tie for any place in the group the following tiebreakers will be applied:

  • Head to Head: Across the Club Championship Races where the tying members have raced in the same race the most number of 50 points will be declared the winner. Should this not determine a winner then the most number of 49 point, 48 points, 47 etc will be declared the winner. Should this not resolve the tie then…
  • The most of 50 points (then 49, 48, 47) across the race series will be counted with the most being declared the winner. Should this not resolve the tie…then
  • The tying member’s fastest Club Championship 10K race time will be declared the winner (if remain tied then the fastest 2 mile, 5 mile, 10 mile, half marathon, full marathon, 20 mile race times will be compared until a winner is found.)

Disclaimer: – Any changes to the rules or results/points are subject to the discretion of the committee and their decisions are final.