Start running today !

We welcome new starters just like you every week – so what are you waiting for ?!

Why Join Stone’s Friendly Running Club?

People decide to join a running club for all sorts of reasons and no matter your own reason, you’ll be welcomed with open Bat wings!

A New Hobby

Bored with your usual routine? Running is a great way to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors!

To Make Friends

With nearly 200 members, you’re bound to meet a fellow Bat who will become your buddy!

To Improve Fitness

There’s no denying it; strapping on your trainers is a great way to get fit!

Improve Mental Health

We get it, life’s tough. Come for a run with us; we promise you will feel amazing!

To Lose Weight

Once you start burning through the calories, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to start!

Train For An Event

No matter what you’re training for, we have coaches who can help you exceed your goals!

“I approached that first beginner session very slowly, with Anne as back marker being very supportive and kind. The various runner who mustered back multiple times were all smiling and giving encouragement (they could actually run and speak – I was in awe!)

I left feeling amazing with what i had achieved!”

Cleo Acraman

Stone Master Marathoners wants to support your running dreams!

We have a thriving Beginner section, many members joining and further extending their running goals. You don’t need to have any prior running experience, we cater for total beginners. The sessions are supported by fully trained coaches with the help of fantastic run leaders. This enables each new starter to run, walk and run, or walk, at their own pace. Our club ethos is to muster back so no-one ever gets left behind – we have years of experience in supporting new runners so you’ll find the atmosphere is hugely welcoming and encouraging. You’ll be proud to be running further than you ever imagined!

Sounds Great – How Do I Get Involved?

We offer a rolling intake to our Beginner sessions on Thursday evenings: you don’t need to wait for a specific date, you can start whenever suits you! There’s a £10 charge for a 10 week Beginner course and we simply ask you to come along to Stone Tennis Club at around 6.15pm to get enrolled and meet our friendly, qualified Run Leaders.

Visit the Spond App to book onto runs during Covid

POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID Thursday Evenings, 6.15pm meet for 6.30pm run. Stone Tennis Club, Newcastle Road, Stone, ST15 8LD. £10 for 10 weeks.

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