40th Anniversary

On 24th November 2018 Stone Master Marathoners Running Club turns 40. It’s something quite special, a time to celebrate, a time to show the community just how magnificent a true bat flight is!

To commemorate our milestone birthday we plan to run! We’ll each start at a compass point either North, South, East or West of the Bat Cave and converge in a mass flight towards our club. This could be 5 miles away all the way up to the magic number of 40 miles away, the choice is yours. Each compass point will have a pre-mapped route ready and you’ll be running in groups. This is for fun, a celebration not a race, so please don’t worry or panic that you’ll be too slow. We’d love to see all the bats out running as a club in celebration. If you’re injured or unable to run then please don’t think you’ll be left out, we’ll be needing support and encouragement too. Once back at club we’ll be relaxing into party mode and celebrating in style.

So what we need from you all now is the miles you’d like to pledge to the club for its big birthday. Maybe you’d like to run further than you’re ever done before, maybe you have a goal in mind? These need to be in 5 mile increments and remember you’ll have the support of all your fellow bats and no pressure.

Let us know the mileage you’d like to set yourself as your target by emailing emmaphillips@stonemm.co.uk or messaging Emma Phillips via Facebook. We’ll then be able to work out logistics and meet points for everyone.

Now who’s excited??? ???

Emma Phillips
Stone Master Marathoners

Stone's friendly, competitive running club for all abilities

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