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(Unfortunately, we do not have time to go through every race result looking for members results. Thank you).


Tokyo Marathon 03-03-24
4:10:31 Anne Coghlan

Millenium Way Ultra (41 miles) 03-03-24
11:50:06 Jemma Green
12:03:30 Cleo Acraman
12:03:55 Tracey Wadsworth
12:05:58 Dawn Watkins
12:05:59 Craig Francis
12:08:30 David Brain
12:08:33 Bill Bennett

Chester Ultra (50 miles) 02-03-24
14:38:05 Helen Cann
14:38:06 Jamie Cassidy


Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon 18-02-24
1:25:37 Wayne Fenton
1:27:09 Paul Glover
1:32:58 Angela Mensing

Alsager 5 04-02-24 (Club Championship – Race 1)

0:30:12Martin Cross
0:30:58Wayne Fenton
0:31:45Gareth Jones
0:31:58Andrew Stazaker
0:32:03Sam Rosillo
0:32:16Bryn Holmes
0:32:23Paul Glover
0:33:07Andrew Cawthorne
0:33:17Tom Wise
0:33:58Michelle Fox
0:34:09Angela Mensing
0:34:12Grahame Cope
0:34:18Matthew Davies
0:34:22Steven Mccann
0:34:24Michael Beasley
0:35:23Chris Brown
0:36:02Steven Smith
0:37:12Helen Somers
0:37:36Andy Thompson
0:37:39Richard Cooke
0:37:39Sally Jeavons
0:39:25Hannah Hardy
0:39:31Lauren Ford
0:39:49Nikki Towle
0:40:20Fiona Bradley
0:40:29Chris Ellerton
0:41:00Ellen Evans
0:41:48Pam Davies
0:41:53Jacqueline Bailey
0:42:08Jamie Cassidy
0:42:32Sally Hallows
0:44:37Michael Berry
0:45:10Sara Morris
0:45:10Steve Plant
0:46:47Steve Hallows
0:47:43Jemma Green
0:47:54Salli Hamulton
0:48:14Vicki Dolman
0:49:14Lee Greatrex
0:50:40Rebecca Durham
0:51:00Carole Stone
0:52:46Tracey Wadsworth
0:54:03Karen Griffiths
1:03:12Rita Banks


Brass Monkey Half Marathon 21-01-24
1:28:03 Paul Glover
1:38:19 Egidija Pope

Four Villages Half Marathon 21-01-24
1:29:59 Sam Rosillo
1:31:16 Michelle Fox
1:43:23 Richard Cooke
1:49:09 Sally Jeavons
1:49:09 Andy Thomson
1:50:39 Nikki Towle
1:59:16 Jacqueline Bailey
2:10:44 Jamie Cassidy
2:10:47 Clare Irving
2:10:51 Helen Cann
2:24:03 Salli Hamilton

Funchal Half Marathon 21-01-24
2:04:42 Lisa Holland

Funchal Marathon 21-01-24
4:10:58 James Holland
4:13:30 Steve Parker

Cannock Chase Trig Race 07-01-24
1:57:45 Steve Fenney
2:41:30 Steve Smith
2:57:30 Kevin Uzzell (1st M70)

Tatton Park 5k 06-01-24
35:33 Rita Banks

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