Dave Upton’s Good Ear Beware

The following is a Poem written by Chris Barlow and read out at  Dave Upton’s funeral.

Dave Upton’s Good Ear Beware

For those of you who knew Dave reasonably well,
Will relate to this story I am going to tell,
About the copper who was fair but always played it by the book,
Make no mistake there was no messing with Upton and he caught
many a crook!

Stone Master Marathoner for over thirty years,
From the Hockey Cub racing past you as he moved it up a gear,
On our Sunday run for 20 miles and no turning back,
His sub three hour marathon and racing round the track,

Right out of the blue his great idea a midweek evening race
The Spring Treble Series off Road Hanchurch, Stone and the Chase,
Still firmly established we have Dave to thank,
For his charity donations and club money in the bank,

Since he was forced to retire from running he bought himself a bike,
But he moaned about the Cheddleton Hills everywhere and preferred to go for a hike,
Down to the Tennis Club his favourite Spitfire Beer at the bar,
With Roger Westhead and Susie the dog they would have a few jars,

So to sum up Dave Upton he called a spade a spade
His positive wise council often came to my aid,
Great times and many a laugh we give you three cheers,
I suppose it is my turn now to get in the beers!


Chris Barlow

Stone Master Marathoners

October 2015