Newcastle 10k – 29th March 2015

Race report – Gail Evans

Gail_GroupWell, what can I say? The race started wet, then got wetter, then we were absolutely drowned by the rain! It’s so nice to see so many runners from all clubs who were daft enough to race in between the raindrops. A few of us managed to get the obligatory group photo done before the run.

After a frantic start for me – I suddenly forgot how to start my garmin!!! – runners block I think. Eventually I pressed the right button- Duhhhh!!

I’ve never ran this race before and was curious about the ‘ monster hill ‘ and what a hill it was! A LONG, LONG, VERY LONG HILL. To be honest it was not as bad as I thought cos I’ve done far worse on a Sunday morning club run.What got me more were the little inclines AFTER  going over the top!

Eventually the route finally started to go down. So I thought just go for it girl – as i had nothing to lose! Given the horrendous weather, it was nice to see some spectators along the route giving encouragement. It was very much appreciated. The last couple of km along the old railway track seemed to go on forever! I was so pleased to see the finish.

Well done to all the bats who ran – Richard Fain you amaze me! Richard Shaw I’m slowly catching you up! Although you are incredible. Paul Phillips- wow and well done! Ann Marie- you inspire me with your determination to continue running after the race to do 15 miles!

A bottle of lager was a surprise and the medal was much appreciated. Especially when you can use the medal to open the bottle. What a good idea!!  It was lovely to see Bryan Dale as always taking lots of pictures of us all – ‘ looking our best ‘.

I was just about 40 sec short off my pb for the distance – well pleased. Running with the club has really given me the confidence to push harder when I’m running. I eagerly waited for the results as I had cocked up my watch at the start and didn’t have an accurate time.

Feeling frustrated after mispelling my name on the results- plus no club name!! But it was soon rectified the following day and a nice little finishers certificate downloaded showing my results.


Thank you x