Spring Treble, Hanchurch Hilly – 16th April 2015

Race report – Pam Eardley

2015_HH_PamEThursday evening was a lovely night and what a good night for the first part of the Spring Treble. I didn’t run any of these  races last year being new to the club so not being a fan of hills I wasn’t quite sure what lay in store, but safety in numbers Julie McArthur Lucy Carter  and myself said to one another “well I will if you will”. To be totally honest we all run on a Thursday evening anyway so we thought why not have a change of scenery (with a few hills thrown in.)

I arrived just after six to see Richard Shaw and Chris Barlow doing a great job getting us all parked up. Walking to pick up my number and T shirt I  bumped into Joyce Edwards who warned me how to avoid a particularly boggy area of the course thanks Joyce. Was nice to see John too . It was lovely to see so many club members marshalling and all part of the organisation which  had me thinking perhaps I should of helped  you guys and not run it . There was a lovely informal atmosphere and it was great to see so many different club runners, everyone was very friendly.

I made my way to the start and met my  2 running buddies . Deciding to stay at the back we set off at a nice steady pace possibly doing more talking than running but we ladies are good at multi tasking. The course was great all off road and in stony places quite difficult to get much speed up on , well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I saw a few fallers and a couple of people who had pulled up so we stopped a couple of times to check the runners were ok.

I did think at one point we seem to be going down hill an awful long time which only means one thing, what goes down must go up.
What a climb it was too and a photographer at the top !!!!  Thanks!!!!!Then after that I can’t remember much else I remember Brian who was marshalling spurring us on by telling us we were nearly there !!! We all finished together so we made it around the challenging course. Bring on the next two.

2015_HH_ChrisEUnfortunately things didn’t finish quite so well for Chris Eardley who decided on  a sprint finish and pulled a calf muscle, which possible puts him out of action for a while certainly Milford he will be marshaling now .

Huge thanks to everyone of the Bats too many of you to mention great job